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1997 – Babes in the Wood

Witch Hazel Wilson Kerr
Queen Sandra Erskine
Princess Flower Janet Robertson
King Dickson Leishman
Rosa Potts Dougie Morgan
Chumley Potts Catriona Farrell
Malcolm Sconemore Roy McGregor
Hassle Anne Cochrane
Nettle Dorothy Taylor
The Three Firtrees
Connyfir Bill Munn
Jennyfir Anne Munro
Lucyfir Jim Wilson
Chorus: Courtiers, Woodland Creatures and Vicious Allsorts
Alan Cairns Graham Cairns Nicola Farrell
Kirsty Gibson Ross Glover Gillian Gray
Gavin Hershaw Iain Howie Claire Leishman
Debbie Leishman Lindsay McConnell Viki May
Rebecca Munro Johann Norwood Jack Paterson
Layna Robertson Pauline Rourke Gillian Smith
Fiona Smyth Aileen Taylor Angela Taylor
Jennifer Teven Nicola Young
Production Team and Stage Crew
Director Alan Cochrane
Piano Mary Munn
Sound Bill Howie
Lights Dougie Morgan
Set Design Bill Munn
Jim Wilson
Costumes The Cast
Stage Crew Dickson Leishman
Billy Cairns
Fraser Green
Prompt & Make Up Lorna Cameron
Front of House Frank Morgan
Publicity & Sales Arthur Taylor
Performance Dates
Wednesday 3rd December 1997
Thursday 4th December 1997
Friday 5th December 1997