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2003 – Alistair Baba and the Umpteen Thieves

Alistair Baba Wilson Kerr
Rab The Grab Anne Cochrane
Villager Ross Glover
Anne Easton
Isobel Beck
Sally Nike Johnston
Jessie Dougie Morgan
Buttercup Catriona Farrell
Iain Howie
Betty(Her Friend) Dorothy Taylor
Bob William Brannan
Bad Spirit Jade Clark
Police Sergeant Bill Munn
1st Policeman Maureen Smyth
2nd Policeman Anne Munro
3rd Policeman Martin Gray
Chief Elf Catriona Farrell
Giant's Wife Sandra Palmer
Giant David McNaught
Fairy Liquid Isobel Beck
Alistair Baba's Thieves (Junior Cast)
Laura Hill Nicola Mauchlen Lauren McInnes
Amy Reid Emma Stevenson Gemma Stewart
Sean Summers Hayley Taylor
Village Children (Junior Cast)
Gregor Devoy Lauren Green Laura Hill
Alan Kerr Lisa McInnes Amy Reid
Emma Stevenson Gemma Stewart
Santa's Elves (Junior Cast)
Jade Clark Gregor Devoy Nicola Green
Gillian Palmer Shona Paterson Shawnee Russell
Nicola Saunders Callum Stewart Sophie Stewart
Junior Cast
Babes in the Woods Lisa McInnes
Sophie Stewart
Dancing Birds Claire Cairns
Lauren Green
Nicola Green
Gillian Palmer
Little Red Riding Hood Jade Clark

Members of the Junior Cast also appear as Wee Chefs and Apprentice Policeman

Production Team and Stage Crew
Director Dougie Morgan
Junior Cast Director Dorothy Taylor
Music Mary Munn
Jessie and Betty's Costumes Sandra Palmer
Elves Costumes Alison Kerr
Scenery Designs Bill Munn
David McNaught
Jim Wilson
Pick-a-Pocket Choreography Aileen-Elizabeth Taylor
Ballet Choreography Caroline Devoy
Continuity Anne Cochrane
Prompt Sheila Mills
Lighting Bobby Bendelow
Sound Bill Howie
Stage Crew Ross Glover
Iain Howie
Front of House Arthur Taylor

Performance Dates
Wednesday 3rd December 2003
Thursday 4th December 2003
Friday 5th December 2003