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1998 – Aladdin



Princess Lai Chi Janet Robertson
Widow Twanky Douglas Morgan
Wishy Washy Dorothy Taylor
Aladdin Catriona Farrell
Vizier Wilson Kerr
Ali Rhum-Baba Bill Munn
Camilla Anne Cochrane
Anne Munro
Genie of the Lamp Sandra Erskine
Sultan of Stevenston Dickson Leishman
Caliph of Kilwinning Jim Wilson
Chorus: Townspeople, Palace Guards, Devils, Laundry Workers, Street Dancers and Comic Singers
Leanne Boal Nadine Brown Nicola Farrell
Marie Fitzpatrick Ross Glover Kirsty Gibson
Stuart Gibson Gillian Gray Amelia Hallam
Glyn Hallam Paul Hamilton Iain Howie
Debbie Leishman Fraser McConnell Lindsay McConnell
Roy McGregor Katie McNairn Viki May
Rebecca Munro Johann Norwood Lynsey Norwood
Jack Paterson Layna Robertson Emma Roy
Gillian Smith Aileen E Taylor Angela Taylor
Jennifer Teven Linda Teven
Production Team and Stage Crew
Director Alan Cochrane
Music Mary Munn
Prompt Anne Skedd
Bangs and Flashes Bill Howie
Graeme Howie
Scenery Bill Munn
Jim Wilson
Stage Crew Jennifer Cochrane
Patrick Graham
Martin Gray
Fraser Green
Costumes Catherine Burns
Anne Cochrane
Ursula Hallam
Makeup Lorna Cameron
Pauline Charles
Publicity Arthur Taylor
Additional Material Dickson Leishman
Dorothy Taylor
Camilla appears by courtesty of: Pauline (not Prince) Charles
Ruth Cochrane
Fred Lonsdale
Performance Dates
Wednesday 2nd December 1998
Thursday 3rd December 1998
Friday 4th December 1998