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2000 – Cinderella

Cinderella Jennifer Cochrane
Prince Charming Linda Neilly
Buttons Catriona Farrell
Bella (Ugly Sister) Dougie Morgan
Ella (Ugly Sister) Wilson Kerr
Wicked Step Mother Sandra Erskine
Fairy Godmother Anne Munro
King (Prince's Father) Dickson Leishman
Queen (Prince's Mother) Sandra Palmer
James (Prince's Companion Janet Robertson
Dowager Queen Dorothy Taylor
Villager Tom Smyth
David McNaught
Anne Cochrane
Alan Cochrane
The Younger Cast
Emma Robertson Emma Roy Rebecca Munro
Adam Munro Linda Teven Stephanie Taylor
Katie McNairn Lauren Green Stewart Morrison
Iain Howie Ross Glover James Moore
Production Team and Stage Crew
Written By Sandra Palmer
Produced By Alan Cochrane
Younger Cast Producer Dougie Morgan
Assisted By Dorothy Taylor
Musical Director Andrew Brown
Set Design Ruth Cochrane
Jennifer Cochrane
Lighting Bobby Bendelow
Dougie Morgan
Costume Design Catherine Burns
Anne Cochrane
Prompt Anne Skedd
Sound Effects Bill Howie
Props Maureen Smyth
Publicity and Front of House Arthur Taylor
Performance Dates
Wednesday 6th December 2000
Thursday 7th December 2000
Friday 8th December 2000